Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Site news - Updated!

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We are pleased as a platypus to welcome Bill Campbell and his blog Tome of the Unknown Writer to our link exchange. (Look over to the right column, OK, down a bit, a little lower, there you go!)

e.g. post:
Gettin' the Finger

The lights are intense. They burn your skin. They blind you. Sweat pours into your eyes. Your throat's parched, and you swear you are about to die. How did you get here? How did it go so wrong? You were never supposed to be here? How did it all come down to this?

You want to hold your daughter. But she's a toddler. She's got other concerns. Like how many blocks can she stack on top of each other. Or does a doggy go "arf! arf!" or "me-ooh." Besides, you should be strong for her. She can't see you whimpering like she does when you're about to put her in her crib.
Read it all, this guy can write!

We are proud as punch to also welcome AngryBlackBitch to our link exchange.

e.g. post:
In 2008 health care spending was 4.3 times the amount spent on national defense…and the product purchased ain’t working, people aren’t covered and preventable things aren’t being prevented.

46 million Americans are uninsured yet the United States spends more on health care than other industrialized nations…and those nations provide insurance to their citizens.

Millions of people lose their homes to foreclosure due to unaffordable health care costs.

It costs more to treat an illness than to prevent one…but prevention requires access to affordable health care.


We've also updated the "I Miss Fafblog, Spot!" link exchange to link to their new title: I Like Pie, Spot!
I guess it was hard to miss Fafblog once they came out from a 2 year hiatus!

e.g. post:
Yes, Spot, I suppose there is some actual Science in Economics, probably I’m just not smart enough to understand it. But economic theory seems to spend a lot of time arguing about whether or not phlogiston moves through the luminiferous Ether in an inverse Laffer curve, so perhaps there is less there than meets the eye. One thing that’s obvious is that money in large quantities has the power to warp the minds of anybody in its vicinity. I suspect that wealth and power each curve reality by the square root cubed of the gradient of subjective difference. And so, together, they curve reality by the cube of the gradient difference. The epistemological theory of relativity explains why, when wealthy college alumni are going to donate money in large quantities to the University d’Elite, then the d’Elite Economics Department can explain how lying, cheating and stealing are ethical, inheritance is virtue, ruthless greed is noble and, most important, that it is, like, totally rational to believe that wealth is created by Spontaneous Generation, but only in the presence of wealthy alumni.
We agree, economists are great at predicting the past. But isn't that what we have historians for?



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