Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This will keep me up at night.

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AIG has $1.6 trillion, that's TRILLION, in derivative exposure. Read this and drink heavily.

So, what's different for me is that what's scaring me is not some idiot with a bioengineered pathogen or Mother Earth deciding she's had enough of us and she flips the switch on the Yellowstone caldera. No, this one is all about the economy, but it scares me for other reasons that have nothing to do with losing a lot of money. I couldn't care less about money.

Now, while I have ranted on these pages with regards to the capitalist system and how it needs to collapse so that it can be replaced with something more humane, the shear audacity of AIG, with the obvious collusion of our esteemed power elite, scares the crap out of me. Obviously, these people are quite willing to do whatever it takes to hoard power and wealth. They are unbelieveably greedy and careless.

Makes one wonder what else they're capable of that we don't know about, huh?

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