Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I usually like Talking Points Memo

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Not because I agree with Josh Marshall, but mostly because the posts are well written, well researched and at least, not thrown together in a slapdash way.

However, his "Enter Ron Paul" entry was, well, sort of dumb. I think he missed the point.
Ron Paul is now suggesting what he, I guess, thinks is a libertarian solution to the growing piracy problem. Have Congress get into the idea of issuing "letters of marque and reprisal," which as Paul notes is actually a power expressly granted in the US constitution.
What Ron Paul is really saying is why the hell should the US government be protecting the interests of these threatened corporations. That's all. It's not lunacy. It's not stupid. It's actually quite logical. Make private enterprise deal with it. Not the American taxpayer.

Sorry, but I think Josh Marshall is all wrong over this one.



At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you see, Josh Marshall is actually a deep-cover "Megaphone"-style shill for the AIPAC crowd. Now, the lion's share of what TPM puts out is extremely relevant and mostly commendable, but while that may be the overall service that JMM provides, the primary focus of TPM is that of a Zion-protective gatekeeper.

One thing I know first-hand, Josh does not brook any criticism of his darling "shitty-little-state" that neither he nor his cultural compatriots do not initially endorse and otherwise define.

I mean, look at it this way, here's a man who admiringly named his first-born son after one of Zionland's premier, "nation-birthing," ethnically genocidal war captains who helped "legitimize" Zionland's first stage of ethnic cleansing accomplished during its "War of (conquest) Independence."

JMM is also a true believer that the Balfour Declaration gave European Jewry the moral right and racial obligation to ethnically displace all those sand-niggers living in the holy land since even before the Romans kicked the last Jew out (for damn-well a millennium) after the bar Kochba revolt. Notice that he never really identifies Zionland's war crimes as -- well -- war crimes.

For sixty years (at least) now, the historically resident, Semitic goys (quaintly known as "non-Jews") of Palestine have been tramping along their Ashkenazi/Caucasian-sponsored Trail of Tears.


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