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We Have Been Robbed

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I have been struggling to apply any sense of comprehension to what has been happening to The United States of America over the past few decades and a very disturbing pattern has begun to emerge. I don't want to sound alarmist but there are some bitter truths that need to be fully accepted and responded to by all citizens now.

I now realize that all we have come to know as accepted norms is in jeopardy. In essence WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED!

When I say, "robbed" I mean it in every single sense of the word. We have been monetarily robbed, emotionally robbed, spiritually robbed, environmentally robbed and educationally robbed. Every mortal strand of our existence is now under assault in numerous ways by forces that appear to be undetectable and above our reach.

I want, in this correspondence to outline the areas of assault that we have been experiencing, enumerate them, shine a light on them and hopefully offer a concept for drastic medicine that will lead to better days.

One needn't look far for the thievery. Let's start with our Constitutional protections. The thievery of our guaranteed rights started in earnest after the Oklahoma federal building bombing. Legislation that was held up in Congress concerning surveillance and law enforcement tactics was easily passed after that event. The full story of that event is very much in question in as much as many other bomb devices were found in the building after the event and this under the nose of the ATF who was in fact officed in that structure. Any reporting of this fact was repressed by the media. Did you even stop and wonder how diesel fuel and fertilizer could take out almost and entire steel reinforced structure of that size? Yes, I have questions about those other bombs and I would like them fully answered. As a matter of fact, the whole scene seems now as a warm-up for the big event on 9/11. I will delve into that event in future essays but let's suffice to say that all of the evidence points to score upon score of preliminary explosions after the jet impacts and prior to the demise of the towers as witnessed by city officials, firefighters, police and bystanders and reported by unfiltered media correspondents on the scene. These on-hand media reports of explosions were never reiterated or followed up on. They have however been archived. I encourage anyone reading this to simply watch the entire interview with Fireman Schroeder, and simply listen to what this man has to say. I needn't tell you about it because my words cannot convey the emotion and truth in this man's voice and the dire implications of what he is saying. This is required viewing for all Americans now! And upon the heels of the 9/11 event comes the Orwellian legislation known as the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act. This document was written BEFORE 9/11! Can we all say "WTF" together? It only took a few days for this piece of anti-American crap to get though Congress and signed into law. Again we are robbed! Believe me...this is the tip of the iceberg as far these events are concerned. Your rights are under concentrated assault.

I think anyone of sound mind can now see the implications of the so-called banking crisis. The word "robbed" is not a strong enough word. To start with, we Americans called, emailed, rallied, spoke out and hollered that the government has no business helping these clowns out. We did it in numbers along the lines of 90% against, 4% for, and 6% undecided...give or take a few points. Now....one simple question....did they listen? Hell no. What does that tell you about a government of, by and for the people? So private bankers (including The non-Federal, non Reserve Bank) screw up the money and we are taxed into oblivion to pay for it and get nothing except the right to serve these bastards in the future and smile while we are getting buggered. (More on this travesty in upcoming chapters.)

This brings me to the subject of the media. I'll bet you all thought that you were entitled to the ever-questioning prying eyes of the press, our so-called fourth estate, and all of the clarity and righteousness it brings to a democracy. Well guess what....you've been robbed. The corporate-owned media has coalesced into a fully privatized propaganda juggernaut that owes its allegiance to no one but their corporate boards and their intelligence agency watchers and certainly not to the truth. Even the Supreme Court recently ruled that media has no obligation to tell the truth. Believe it or not it is true. So why were we sold the butchery of Iraq and Afghanistan, the complete and utter lie of 9/11, Oklahoma City, The Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Kennedy killings, MLK and on and on? Because those pivotal moments in history sold a story beneficial to a host of secret agendas that had little to do with our national well-being. You have been robbed of your freedom of the press (and most recently entire newspapers) and your informed consent.

You have been robbed of your jobs. There is practically no job sector that is not under a threat from un-American corporate skulduggery! They would rather burn up a small fortune in fossil fuel to ship a product manufactured in a country that pays near slave wages and ship it half way around the world than make it near where it is being sold and used. When your jobs are gone, your country is gone. They have not robbed us of our ingenuity yet but they are dumbing us down at a breakneck pace and we must relearn retool and get back to work. The large trade agreements have not been beneficial to life in America, as we like to think of it. I am beginning to think the corporations "hate us for our freedoms!"

Health care is a mess. It is either unaffordable, unavailable or out of reach. You have been robbed of access to affordable heath care and often bankruptcy is the only outcome to serious problems. More government is probably not the answer but more greed certainly is not either. Our measure of national pride is how well we take care of ourselves and unfortunately "every man for himself" is not working out too well.

You have been robbed of something as vital as clean fresh air and blue skies. Some of you may not know anything about the international effort to introduce aerosols into our troposphere but it is for real. Maybe you live somewhere that it is not noticeable but they, whoever they are, are damn sure doing it. I've been around long enough to know that jet trails don't linger in the skies for hours and hours and planes flying at 12,000 feet are not supposed to be leaving voluminous plumes of sky-choking materials. The planes that are doing this are not marked. They are mostly white or nearly invisible. They fly at regulated times in coordinated areas of the sky and follow no known highways in the sky. The media and official hush on this is absolute. But some day when you see those big horizon-to-horizon lines in the sky melding into mustard gray shit do something. Go out with some high-powered binoculars or a spotting scope and tell me if you can identify even one of the planes doing this. You can't identify them and no one else will either. The authorities will tell you it is commercial traffic but it most definitely is not. Then read Clifford Carnicom's "Aerosol Crimes" and prepare to be sad. Get some bourbon if you are overly sensitive about these things. You, my friends, have been robbed of your right to Earth's life giving blessings....in this case the sun and blue skies.

Getting back to money....you are being robbed of your ability to earn interest on your savings. Check the rates on a savings account at any bank and have a good laugh.

More larceny.......Your American cars are nearly extinct. Your water is being eyed as the ultimate privatization. Your property can be taken at will for the next big box store or airport runway.

At long last America you are being robbed of your nation. The gilded words of the founders ring hollow in the eyes of the multinational corporations, most Democrats and Republicans, media moguls, the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-energy overlords and at long last dumbed down Americans. It is time to piss our friends off and get them up off their fat complacent butts and make them pay attention.

I like the Rosa Parks model for correcting all of this. Resistance is the key......strong, organized, resolute, focused, poignant, determined resistance in all facets of American life. Resistance within the law, in a non-violent form is the answer. To every cancer on our American way of doing things there is most assuredly a resistance strategy that will work. It is every Americans duty to strike a blow for our freedom and values and all it will take is some sacrifice on all of our parts.


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