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I've always been taught that there is no shame in…

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…failing. The only shame is failing to try. Yet once again the Party of No, the Grand Old Prevaricators, those that hold themselves out as representatives of their constituents, and pretend to have their best interest in mind have failed the country, their constituents, and all Americans and have brought shame and disrepute in more than ample quantities to tar and feather every rethuglican on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation.

I am, of course referring to several things, each as bad or worse than the last:
Republicans derided President Obama's attempt to gain the Olympics in 2016, something which would have created thousands of 'non-outsourceable' jobs, helping to revitalize the economy despite the economic ruin of GOP government, i.e., New Orleans (I won't go outside our borders to detail the debacles the GOP there.I'd be here all day.) No, instead of applauding the President's marathon trips between appearances in the U.S. and lobbying uphill against an Olympic Committee already disillusioned with Republicans, the GOP practically did cartwheels, back-flips, and damned near clapped until their arms fell off cheering the failure of Obama trying to do something good for this nation. Have they no shame? Couldn't they just once have aligned themselves with Obama and sought success? NO, the new GOP mantra is,"…Obama must fail at all costs and we must do anything and everything the GOP can do to see that he fails, including openly advocating for President Obama's assassination." Is there any more cowardly, scurrilous, traitorous, or treasonous action of a political party except for actually firing up some nutcase to actually take shots at Obama?
But this is only one gripe:
For months now the GOP has done everything they can, fair and foul, to block healthcare for their constituents and all Americans. In their sick, twisted, demented little minds it is far better to bow, scrape, and kiss the hands of their corporate masters who will see to their reelection through massive donations of the money THEY will save by refusing health care to the least of us. Is it this for which the people elected republicans to office, to have them act in a manner diametrically opposed to the wishes of their constituents? They should each and all of them be run out of office, run out of town, and deported to a third world country that they would have America become.TRAITORS!
And to top it all off:
Bill Frist and many of the elders of the GOP have been calling for the end of the embarrassing antics of people like Rep. Michelle Bachman, Rep Joe Wilson, Sarah Palin, and others but have demonstrably lost control of a party gone mad as a dog slowly goes mad from rabies and dies a tortuous death, but not before spreading the rabies by attacking animals without it, lashing out blindly, biting anything that dare comes close and beginning the viral infection that will eventually work it's way to the brain and kill the new host animal. [Unless you get a double dose of the horse serum shots and then get 28 days of shots within a two hour range of time as I did when a rabid dog attacked me while on duty one night in the Philippines. Bill]

That is the 'new' GOP, same as the old GOP, who are spreading their infectious hatred for all things liberal, and especially anything having to do with President Omama, Hatred of such a nature as to arouse the darkest and most evil, vile side of men inclined to pick up a gun and shoot the President. Encouraging their constituents to vote against their own interests by telling and repeating outrageous lies about healthcare that could benefit all, but instead will become just another watered-down bill that does nothing for the poor, little for the middle class, but with hugh benefits for the wealthy.
But these are just my thoughts and ramblings. I'd love to hear your thoughts, particularly from any republicans that might look at our blogsite from time to time.

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At 9:30 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

Are you really going to blame republicans for the 99% of them that gives the party a bad name!?

That joke aside, I too would like to hear from reasonable Republicans.

At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Bill;

Many Republican representatives are prevaricators. Straight-out sewer material.

But wait a minute ... aren't they functionally out of power? I mean, according to the litmus standard employed by the Dems during the monkey-years, they are out of power even more than the Dems were during Bush II, so how can a wholesale minority party still so extensively control the agenda?

Over the last half year or so, I'm reminded yet again that it's all just theater, and pretty stupid theater at that. I am a firm believer that (the world over, for that matter) there is in fact only one political party, and that is the CAPITALIST political party.

On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays the Dems are heads, and on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays the Neo-Cons are tails. In the meantime, the descendants of the robber barons are yet making even bigger bank.

In that Obama is by deed fulfilling GW Bush's third term, I think they're all reprehensible and deserve no respect from me ... especially towards what's become just a slightly more melanin-enriched White House-negro. He's a cotton candy speaker. Fine sounding words but no real substance.

Bread and Circuses right before the blowoff.


At 12:02 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

I do not give an ounce of credit to the dems for allowing themselves to be rolled by the rethuglicans, but the rethuglicans would have no power to stop a positive agenda in this country with having gotten elected many 'stealth democrats', traitorous dogs calling themselves the conservatives (code word for 'bought and paid for by the same interests and people who dominate the democrat party) and I hold them equally in contempt and view them with the same jaundiced eye and feel the same bile-filled stomach of disgust as their brethren in arms, working steadily to make America not a socialist country, but a full blown fascist state controlling when you live, when you get to breathe, how many toxins you'll inhale each time, and make as much money as possible off our poor asses until they control all, only to find there is nothing left to control.

So then the big shots will be commanded by the uber-shots until death also occurs.

Any child born in the last ten years, or more, IMO, has not a chance in hell of enjoying anything resembling the life of the 'average' American of the 50s and 60s, and should be indoctrinated now to understand that life on this planet is going to cease to exist billions and billions of years sooner than it should have and that it will be the fault of the big-mouthed jerks of BOTH parties whom together could not agree on how to light a match, much less care for our people and those to come in a way that will ensure survivability, much less comity, peace, helping one another and not giving a damn about who has the most peanuts, corn, money or who drives the biggest cart (will that be one horse or two, sir?) or the fanciest car that gets worse mileage than the tanks with which the 'rich' will run rough-shod over the poor.

For years and years and years I had no telephone and people would keep inquiring why that was so. They always got the same answer. This is my home, however small, and a telephone denies my the opportunity to open my door when someone knocks and then close it without comment if who or what I saw on the other side of that door brought a smile to my face.

It may be all I have, but this space is mine, and the only thing in the real world over which I exercise control.

At 12:07 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

That's "did not bring a smile to my face" Sorry.


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