Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bohemian Rhapsody

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I read the news today, oh boy. It's just SSDD; the wrongwingers are upset with Obama, people killed their families on the holiday, and houses burned down, (Hey, they got footage!)

So I decided to amuse myself, and hopefully you.

This place is awesome, I spent a whole evening just following these links:
Two Words Obvious Trope

Fridge Logic

Lampshade Hanging

Kick The Dog
Sadly, No! is always brilliant, but you reeeeealy have to read the comments to get the full effect:
Three Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Who knew Howie Klein went to a WH dinner!?
David Bowie Has Still Never Attended A State Dinner At The White House

I have a half-baked reason for telling the story of the state dinner I went to in September, 1998
Read it all, it just gets funnier every time I do.

Jon Ronson of The Guardian says:
'I'm going to tell my son the worst swearword in the world'
Fafablog! Need I say more?
Breaking Terror Update!
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his friends are going to stand trial! It's taken about six and a half years for this to happen, during which they were all presumably kept waiting in the parlor of a sumptuous mansion along with the Colonel, the Countess, the jewel thief, the butler and the maid while a brilliant but eccentric sleuth attempted to discern the identity of the true culprit through the use of the deductive method, the thorough examination of evidence, and simulated drowning.

Everybody else has to stay in Special Torture Jail forever on accounta they have all come down with Schrodinger's Guilt. If they stay in the box they might be guilty, but if we open the box they might not be.
And now, since you've been wondering about the post title, here is the bestest ever version of Bohemian Rhapsody:

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