Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On this upcoming Veterans Day I have to say…

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…what a shame, a crooked game, to have sent so many of our fine soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to a nasty and totally useless death in both Iraq, where American authorities attempted a genocide to steal its oil resources, and Afghanistan, the only war of the two with any semblance of a reason and need to retaliate for the deaths of the 3,000 deaths America suffered at the hands of Saudi Arabians and Osama bin Laden.

We chose not to respond with an attack against the perpetrators of the attack on 9-11 as we dared not attack the main suppliers of American's oil and gasoline from fear that they would further retaliate against us by stopping the flow of the fluids upon which this country runs; besides, it's bad form to kill a son of long partnership between the bush and bin Laden families in the Carlylse Croup, a group raking in billions and billions of dollars during the "war on terra" started by the biggest, slimiest worm of a president this nation ever had the misfortune to suffer.

Had to help ole Daddy make some billions and assassinate the man who offered to leave Iraq with the paltry some of one billion dollars, to a place where he and his family would be safely ensconced in a country without extradition, but no, the Great Insane Leader GWB just HAD to exercise brute force, depleting our military to a mere shadow of its former self, bankrupting America, and playing the "Decider" war president that decided war against two countries simultaneously was the only answer.

GWB left our country in a shambles, broke our financial system with his "off the book" war making, and is single-handedly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghanis and Iraqis, and forced one of the largest refugee flights in the world's recent history. Quite an accomplishment for a cheerleader making "C" grades isn't it?

It used to be that such men were called tyrants, despots, and they were relentlessly hunted down and slaughtered by the populaces they sought to dominate and rule.

Now they call w a former president, fete him, build edifices, and open libraries that for the most secretive president in American history should rightfully contain nothing but bare shelves instead of the obligatory pictures of w with one head of state or another, most of whom's faces will be frozen in polite but garish smiles as they are forced to follow the diplomatic protocol ordaining such scenes.

Eight years now we have been in two wars while being incapable of winning even one. Everyday our soldiers suffer horrific mental and physical abuse, brain damage from bombs, just now being discovered, along with the well known symptoms of PTSD.

And all the while our entire nation grows sicker, mentally and physically, for the lack of mercy and care, jobs, and prosperity, all that is shown to us all by our elected "leaders" is only their concern from day one is to gather enough money so that they may be reelected again and again and again.

And I will no longer defend or speak of any good deeds of President Obama, for as far as I can see our country's situation grows more dire by the day.

The political showmanship playing itself out over health care is nothing but more of the ole political showmanship that allows the sanctimonious bastards to pretend to care while they don't really give a sh*t and in reality will pass nothing, as both they and we know it.

The generals of the "military industrial complex" of which Dwight Eisenhower warned us have indeed taken over and no president, even Obama, much less a weak-willed bastard like Bush, can overcome their siren's song to war, death, destruction, and the killing of anyone necessary, enemy or ally, to achieve their aims.

I haven't written for awhile, so to any regular readers I may have, I extend my heartfelt apologies, but in that "heartfelt" zone, for some time now, I have only felt the pain I lack adequate words to express. I feel the endless pain of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and all their loved ones at home.

I hurt, deeply inside, as I watch the slow motion ride to oblivion I see our country sliding down ever faster, gaining momentum everyday through these political farces, the obscenity of unnecessary wars being fought that do nothing but further enrich the drug warlords supported by the Afghanistan government and the oil barons of our creation, supported and defended at a horrible cost to American and Americans.

Our citizens pay all the costs while politicians enrich themselves daily at our expense. I weep for my country, the one I no longer recognize, the land of my birth and the one for which I gladly would have, and almost did, give my life to defend.

The America in which I grew up no longer exists. My America is dead, killed by its so-called "leaders."

And those, sadly, are my thoughts this Veteran's Day. I do not believ in "god" or "gods", but I do pray that if there is some entity out there in the universe that can protect our troops that they please do so.

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