Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All My Ex's Live In Texas

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Texas Gov Perry never lets the facts get in the way of killing an innocent man:
Controversy Builds in Texas Over an Execution

Questions about whether Gov. Rick Perry allowed the execution of a man some arson experts say may have been innocent, and then hindered an investigation into the evidence, continue to reverberate across Texas, where issues surrounding capital punishment have rarely stirred such controversy.
Three weeks ago Mr. Perry replaced the chairman and two other members of the State Forensic Science Commission, which was about to hold hearings on the evidence in the case. The new chairman, a close ally of the governor, promptly canceled a hearing at which a second, independent arson expert was to testify. The commission’s expert, Craig L. Beyler of Baltimore, had concluded in a lengthy report that the evidence did not prove that Mr. Willingham set the fire that killed his three daughters in 1991.
Last week Mr. Perry defended his decision and struck back at his critics. “Willingham was a monster,” he said.
Governor Perry has also refused to release the memorandum from his general counsel on which he based his decision to let the execution proceed. He says the memorandum is protected by attorney-client privilege.
The only monster I see is a governor running for re-election that refuses to release documents that the citizens of Texas paid for.

But wait, there's more!Governor Goodhair, (big thanks to Molly Ivins wherever you are), AKA Gov Rick Perry R-TexAss, thinks it's OK to have his ABC commissioner solicit bribes campaign donations on his behalf from the very folks they regulate.

I think that's usually called a 'protection racket.' He's as crooked as a snake in a hall of fractured mirrors.

I know most Texans loves them some death penalty, but are they willing to kill an innocent man!? I think not. I lived in Texas. Justice was harsh, but it wasn't crooked.

Think of your better angels. In the mean time enjoy this:

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