Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Question (asked sincerely): Is it better to be a one term president of color, the first of our history…

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…or is it better to cling to the job by his fingernails, continuing to break the laws against the commission of war crimes, give all the taxpayer's money to support the über-rich billionaires unable to handle all that money, but whom remain without a care in the world knowing that the corporations, banks, and monster financial outlets are now officially "too big to fail," just to get reelected?

Having made history already, is it necessary for Obama to continue the mistakes of the old, white, upperclass that has phucked up America, shamed us before the world, and brought upon us forever the title of torturers?

Well, we have our answer. While we still have no healthcare for all Americans, the joblessness situation growing worse by the day, more troops dying or suffering horrific wounds daily, Obama has decreed that another 40,000 troops will be sent to the hell of Afghanistan to suffer a war that cannot be won in a land that has never been conquered.

Are we at least getting "our cut" of the 90% of the world's heroin grown and packaged there? NO ONE can move that much product without the support of one or more governments.

Obama, the world's biggest waste of time and even greater failure than GWB, whose mistakes and illegalities Obama had a chance to begin reformation and instead chose to join the old,white, upperclass that has always run the world and always will.

"We's got a nation of sick and po' people that need our help, sirs. May I freshen your martini, massa?"

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At 5:55 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

I respectfully disagree. Obama inherited those things and you can't change all of them overnight.

Plus, it doesn't matter what he does, the rethuglicans and some Dems will just say no.

Things run rapidly downhill, it's a much slower process to climb back up.

We're much better off under Obama, it's a shame he (or Gore) wasn't elected 8 years ago.

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

All I see and hear, Sailor, is same shit, different day.

It's pretty clear by now that as presaged by Eisenhower all those years ago (remember how they ridiculed him?) the military industrial (although I guess that one should now be 'financial') complex has been a roaring success for the mega-rich and produced the worst outcome imagination able for everyone else.

And sure, Obama inherited 98.6% of this mess from bush and the rethuglicans, but there is one simple thing he could have done: "Today I'm announcing the end of the fruitless and illegal bush wars and will begin prosecuting every war criminal we can root, out no matter their position and no matter their wealth. I will cease sending money to the new oil barons of Iraq, and will immediately cease using our troops to support crooked politicians, warlords, and the worlds biggest heroin makers, drug-lords, criminals and stop wasting money on idiotic wars we cannot win without further pillaging our treasury for the most money ever wasted in the history of man, money I pledge to use for the health and welfare of America and health insurance FREE from cradle to grave fro all Americans, Any congressman or senator refusing to cooperate will immediately lose all health care and benefits. I will do as much of this as I have to with presidential orders and congress will be changed to eliminate filibusters that only hurt their own constituents. It is far past time to get busy doing the business of America by Americans. Tomorrow I will order a massive rebuilding of our infrastructure that will create millions of jobs that cannot, and will not be allowed, to be outsourced. Only American companies with American workers need apply. Thank you and god bless America for Americans."

At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


What you just described is the conduct of an honorable politician.

Barry Obama is not that. He is a comparatively (of course, Bush set a standard that couldn't trip an ant) effective communicator. Obama is also a more (when compared to McCain) charasmatic pundit. Given that his re-election team was mostly driven by the PR masters of AIPAC, his stage managers have produced a much more acceptable show of honorable conduct ... but even while the show continues running, Barry still continues to morph into a more expansive version of Bush's third term. I don't judge the man by his promises, but by his bottom-line achievements.

Besides, if the Mulato President even pretended to start acting the way you've suggested he should, the Zionists throughout his own administration would painfully slit the throats of his entire negro family just to up the ante on a (very Kennedy-esque) point.

Anyway, I think that Barry prefers to perpetuate the fantasy that he's honorable while -- just as obviously -- still producing a "better"-managed Bush regime. As long as he does, his presidential playacting career will -- for the most part -- remain unmolested.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Just a waste of skin. Makes me wonder if Michelle ever tells him, "Stop wasting time with promises asshole and do something good for this country!"


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