Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the white knight is talking backwards, And the Red Queen's "Off with her head!"

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The wrongwingers are constantly calling for various people in President Obama's administration to be fired. Whether it's because this person supports unions or that person is gay &c, it's just so much noise, even if at times it's succeeded.

But I'm joining them today to call on one member of the admin to not only be fired but to be indicted for conspiracy and manslaughter charges.

Meet Nina Dozoretz:
Officials Hid Truth About Immigrant Deaths in Jail

In February 2007, in the case of the dying African man, the immigration agency’s spokesman for the Northeast, Michael Gilhooly, rebuffed a Times reporter’s questions about the detainee, who had suffered a skull fracture at the privately run Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey.
But, records show, he had already filed a report warning top managers at the federal agency about the reporter’s interest and sharing information about the injured man, a Guinean tailor named Boubacar Bah. Mr. Bah, 52, had been left in an isolation cell without treatment for more than 13 hours before an ambulance was called.

While he lay in the hospital in a coma after emergency brain surgery, 10 agency managers in Washington and Newark conferred by telephone and e-mail about how to avoid the cost of his care and the likelihood of “increased scrutiny and/or media exposure,” according to a memo summarizing the discussion.
Among the participants in the conferences was Nina Dozoretz, a longtime manager in the agency’s Division of Immigration Health Services who had won an award for cutting detainee health care costs. Later she was vice president of the Nakamoto Group, a company hired by the Bush administration to monitor detention. The Obama administration recently rehired her to lead its overhaul of detainee health care.
Read the whole thing. I'm with the Red Queen on this one. Off with her head.

Now for some brain bleach:

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