Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I gots a plan that I'm sure will work if even just a majority helps out…

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…My email to Congressman John Garamendi:
Honorable Sir, I have long known of you, going back to your days when you were the Insurance Commissioner and I was a licensed bail agent years ago and I have always had great respect for you. However, I am so sick of the partisanship stopping progress on health care and jobs that I am now actively advocating for voting to remove from office any incumbent not fighting tooth and nail to stop this nonsense and do something for the American people and those you represent. Cost, costs, costs, and tax cuts are the divisive mantra of the Republican party members of congress, all of whom I would call traitor for actively wishing and actively advocating and praying for our lawfully elected president to fail. But President Obama cannot do it by himself and I say ANY congressman that sits on his duff and doesn't work with equal fervor to insure the success of President Obama's agenda does not deserve to be in office. I can only get these words out to a few hundred people, but if they tell another few hundred, before long maybe we can get a movement going, the American way. So, respectfully,sir, either get on board with President Obama's agenda or don't expect me, my extended family, or the hundreds they can contact to vote for any incumbent that, along with his cohorts, just can't get the job American's demand done; try to vote out every incumbent 'til we find someone who can get the job done when they are in the majority AND have a mandate from the people!

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