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Bump and Update by The Vidiot: It seems that 9/11 truth movement really scares the pants off the powers that be.They're saying that the Pentagon shooter was a truther and that's what did his head in.
New details are emerging Friday morning about the suspect in a shooting in a Pentagon subway station, including a resentment toward the military and doubt about the Sept. 11. terror attacks.
OOOO, THAT'S why he did what he did. If he's nuts enough to question the official 9/11 storyline, he's obviously crazy enough to shoot up the Pentagon.


Just because it happens in the TV show "24" doesn't mean the media DOESN'T aid and abet government in real life too.

Original Post:

I have been contemplating the overarching dynamics of the past ten years and writing songs in the process. There is no doubt in my mind that the "good ole USA" is toast at least until we as citizens gain some gonads (towards a more perfect union.) The all-permeating big lie of 9/11 drenches all rationality in a sea of fear and suspicion. The trusted icons of American media aren't worth a whore's pantyhose anymore yet many sleepy Americans consider them credible. The web is alive with folks experiencing what a great and true patriot called "the animated contest for freedom." That is what VidiotSpeak and thousands of other domains are all about.

Here are songs dealing with 9/11/01, falsely premised war (treason,) the global project to disperse heavy metals (poison) into the troposphere that is ongoing and pervasive, resistance to corporate servitude and ultimately love of country… not government.

As you will hear in this collection it has always been my belief that, given a fair opportunity, peace can flourish. I believe after this round of exposing the demons within this indeed will happen. It is crucial that peace activists, true tea partiers (not repub coopters) and average citizens of good character "hitch your wagon" to the truth of 9/11. This will hasten the end of the military-industrial-drug (illegal and legal)-agriculture-intelligence-media matrix that is so corrupt and demonic.

We are on the cusp of a new day that bears no resemblance to the past one hundred years. Indeed it will be more akin to the earliest days of our nation steeped in great futuristic Voltairian thought (our own painful, hurtful and indeed murderous discretions aside.)

I welcome feedback on this collection and encourage all to help get these messages out. I have released rights on this original music for fair use given no profiteering and my take is…

Let the message be the map.


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