Monday, April 26, 2010


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Perhaps the demon dreams I had last night were precognitive:
Walmart is eying a proposed Brooklyn shopping center for its first New York City location, Crain's New York reported.The retail giant is scoping out the Gateway II shopping center near Jamaica Bay.

Even though the proposal isn't official yet, community groups already are planning protests.

Walmart is reportedly also checking out other unidentified sites in the city.
The article goes on to quote a Walmart exec;
"We know that New Yorkers want to shop and work at Walmart, and as a result, we continue to evaluate potential opportunities here," Walmart exec Steven Restivo told Crain's. "New Yorkers want quality jobs and affordable groceries, and it remains our goal to be part of the solution."
Hey! Bonehead! Don't be telling me what I want! Your jobs AREN'T quality and the groceries, while certainly affordable, push out small farms and give more power to industrial farms. And don't even get me started on how you bankrupt small businesses and strong arm your vendors!

Yikes. A freakin' Walmart in NYC. I'm sure Rev. Billy will be all over this.

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