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Do you reckon that eventually the citizens of the world…

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…will ever figure out that all of their great ideas have come to naught, that as long as the world depends on oil we will be eternally at war with all the other citizens also trying to squeeze the last drop of oil from the planet and that, when that last drop has been squeezed and the oil has run dry, our lack of planning for alternative means of renewable clean energy will take us right on back to the dark ages of large sailing ships or coal or wood-burning steamships once again leading to exponential increases in pollution and the inevitable declines in the general welfare and health of us all.

When will the governments of the world, the U.S. the chief example usually cited, figure out that nothing is gained by warfare or the development of ever more powerful weapons can only lead to "bigger and better wars" where we can have our troops sitting in comfortable chairs and using drone-type weaponry to launch lethal attacks against large groups of people in the hopes of killing one or two "persons of value?"

When are the people running our government going to realize that our bringing back of torture as a legitimate part of warfare, after centuries spent trying to rid ourselves of this abominable practice, only brings evil and men who practice evil back into society with patina of righteousness.

When will people learn that so-called churches that preach goodness, kindness, and generosity to all have no intention whatever in acting in a manner that is good, kind, or generous. Churches that will "cover-up" the degeneration of priests most foul, not by punishing them for their acts of child molestation, but will quietly transfer them to a different parish without a word of admonition or even warning to the new parish.

It has long been one of my sore spots that tax exempt churches owning billions of dollars in property preach piety and helping the least among us while they dress in their silken robes, eat from real silver plates using what would be some of the worlds most expensive silverware, drinking from real jewel encrusted golden chalices, and then strolling through their very own 104 acre private country and gaze upon some of the world's most beautiful and expensive artwork, sculptors, and a King Midas-like fortune of gold stolen from the new world in the name of the church by any means, fair or foul, including some of the earliest examples of chemical warfare, sending the disease infested blankets of sailors whom had died of smallpox as gifts to the local populations with no immunity from European diseases, killing millions.

I just can't understand why people don't look back, learn from history. and realize that after centuries of hard fought changes to the betterment of man that we are now sliding backwards ever faster into a dark ages that will make the first Dark Ages look like a grade-school picnic.

Devising evermore efficient ways to kill other people to steal their resources, take their land, and trying to seize the remaining supplies of oil left to the world has set us well on the way to becoming to mot despised country in the world.

The Big Dick Cheney claims to have thwarted one terrorist plot after another, yet cannot cite one single example of any such successes.

gwb - the burning bush - makes wild claims, too, that the actions he took, especially Gitmo, the legal abomination of all time, have kept Americans safe when in reality his policies made it impossible to prosecute any of these "terrorists," and, furthermore, elicited such worthless information as to set us back years in our efforts to do so.

Our relentless and desperate search for oil is now leading to the death of the Gulf of Mexico. an ecological disaster of unequaled proportions, entirely man made, and made in the futile hope that when the wells do finally go dry we might have an almost one year supply of oil. A year! Boy, now that's gonna keep everything going alright.

And the solution is so simple. Something as simple a building code change, mandating that every new buildings rooftop have solar panels built into them and hooked up to a central grid could alone provide electricity enough to convert every car into a plug in electric car, with electrical supplies so plentiful it would cost pennies a mile to drive them.

The same with wind power. Build 'em! Hook 'em into a nationwide grid system. Geothermal, using earth's "hot spots" to provide the steam to drive hugh generators. Tidal generators to take advantage of our on-going tides

There is just so much we could and should be doing that we aren't even trying that it staggers my mind. But it the rate of society's degeneration after having fought for thousands of years to overcome so much senseless brutality and cruelty of men that really blows my mind.

It's time for a return to the sixties and the Summer of Love and, more importantly, it's rapidly approaching the time for us to hand the reigns over to our newest generation and pray that they screw it up as badly as our generation has.

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