Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I don't have any really good reasons for not writing lately…

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…unless seeing a son and his affianced off to university (SFSU) where 120,000 applicants did what applicants do and applied for entry, 1,200 were admitted, getting them an apartment within short walking distance to the campus, obtaining a $100,000 personal liability renter's insurance policy for them (I guess Daly City on the SF peninsula must be extremely slippery for reasons I cannot ascertain as I haven't physically been there yet, probably has something to do with the Pacific on one side and on the other San Francisco Bay, where seventy-three men went sailing, I think the Sailor must have been one of them), getting a DSL installed, and doin' my very best to help load up their treasury counts for anything.

My son fixed our Macs so we can use the "iChat" feature to video conference with each other (that somehow sounds mildly obscene, like,"Boy! Did he video conference her! Did you see dat?") on important matters like keeping his Mom, my Warrior Woman, from cryin' her eyes out 'cause she hasn't seen him or talked to him in the last thirty minutes or so.

My hands remain problematic as well, most often the left hand especially, hurts like hell and seriously cramps my style (as if I had any). This cramping and pain prevented me from being of much help when it came to loading and unloading cars, and transporting the stuff myself to Daly City, a mere hoot 'n' holler from San Francisco, but enough of a hoot to make insurance and stuff a lot cheaper in San Mateo County vs San Francisco County. Fortunately my son and fiancé had help from a very good friend who happened to be a whiz at packing stuff into cars (I take great pride in being an excellent packer myself, but this girl, damn!).

A logical extension of all this personal stuff taking precedence was that for the last two or three weeks or more I haven't watched anything more than very brief snippets of MSM horse crap so I find myself at a disadvantage as to what is going on in the world, who's bad-mouthing whom, how many lies both old and new are being spread by breathless, panting, shiny red-lipped newsreaders (and that's just the men), and what current crises there are besides the Oilcano and whether or not in the land of the free and the home of the brave a mosque may be either built and opened or just opened in an existing structure, either of which would signal the end of civilization and the certain destruction of the planet Earth, itself.

I mean, hellfire and damnation, I can't think of a single thing that outweighs this crisis. Oh, sure, we've got lots of people dying from a lack of basic health insurance provided by the government, lots and lots of children going uneducated because so many teachers are being laid off and schools closed, thousands and thousands of homeless veterans and the highest suicide rates among veterans ever seen before, and the only other issue that even comes close is whether or not you can pack heat when going to church.

But, oh your god (he's not mine so he must belong to someone out there), a small, minuscule, tiny, microscopic number of citizens in New York (a hundred? two hundred? a thousand?) , Muslims, want to build a mosque in the same neighborhood as Ground Zero, surrounded by several million New York citizens with the right to bear arms and a police force with a proven proclivity for using their firearms (why they pump forty or fifty rounds into unarmed people!), and yet these New Yorkers are afraid and/or insulted that what, .0000000000000001%, of the population wish to pursue their religion in a location near to Ground Zero.

Hell, I can almost agree, and would agree, if they also closed down, locked the doors, and boarded up the windows of all the Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Calvinist, and Latter Day Saints churches and all the churches and named religions not included here (I'm not on that tier in my head, so for a while there is much information missing from me), 'cause otherwise it's just plain old bigotry, racism, baseless prejudice, a denial of equal rights, and makes a mockery of our Constitution.

And don't go giving me that shit about it being muslims that attacked the WTC as it has been show, at least to my satisfaction, that all the attackers were foreign, mostly by far Saudi Arabians, and not muslims that could legitimately assert all the rights and privileges of citizens and lawful resident aliens. And the hijackers even gave us plenty of clues as what they were up to what with the fly but don't land training and all the intelligence and FBI warnings ignored by bush, cheney, condi rice, and the other clowns of the bush maladministration. bush's vacations and planning to engineer a war with Iraq took his attention away from real security threats.

Oh, well. I just wanted to let everyone know why I was gone for so long and that I'm back now.

Ciao, bella ami.

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