Thursday, September 30, 2010

Did I miss something the last couple of weeks…

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… as the teabaggers and rethugs seem to have shifted gears with all the subtly of great-great-grandpa double-clutch shifting from 2nd to 3rd gears in his favorite '49 Chevy pick, while swigging homemade white lightening, blowing smoke from homegrown tobacco rolled into a cheroot hanging from his lips, another oddly-scented cigarette making its rounds from person to person, with one really hot babe next to him, and her two friends with no teeth riding in the truck bed.

I mean, last week the rethugs, gop, teabaggers, neocons, conservatives, gop-ers and all others of that ilk were growing from the rooftop, although some like Newt Gingrich crowed from the shitbox, that the evil democrats, the WORST existential threat to America EVER, the socialist that were going to bring America to it's knees (rethugs like to take 'em from behind, that way gender is of no consequence), and that were certain to bring the wrath of god down on anyone who doesn't worship the same god, in the same way, and at the same general times and locations, the democratic party that was to be removed from the pages of time, SUDDENLY has a pretty good chance of containing their losses and majorities for the next congress, and I'm just wondering what I missed?

Did the teabaggers suddenly realize that they were tearing apart the former great brand of the gop/republicans and, it would seem to me, splitting the republican vote to the benefit of their opposition? Or that they were making a not-at-all-funny loss of respect for the party by their rabid and vicious attacks against illegal immigration (there goes the Latino vote) or their hyper hyperbole comparing Obama to Hitler, Nazis, and Ronald Raygun (there goes the black vote and every thinking person of any race, creed, origin, religion, etc)?

Ya think people suddenly realized the full import of returning control of the country to the very party that capsized the nation?

I could not help note the "dumbing down" and "minimizing expectations" by the rethugs who had formerly crowed that they would take back everything, restore everything to the old status quo that broke the country to start with?

Suddenly the talk is no longer, "…(w)e're going to win back hugh majorities in both houses…," and is now instead,"…(w)e might win back several seats, but it will only be by a small number and not enough to regain any majorities…"!

I say, "Hurrah, sirra!" and that it's about time some of the dumbf*cks in the teabaggers figured these things out and finally got the word: White women are now a minority and will soon be followed by white men. By 2050 (I think that was the last date I saw) the majorities in this country will be Hispanic-Black. Makes me wonder if the then majorities will really remember, and remember well, all the indignities, hatred, vitriolic speeches, and jibes made against them in that near future.

So I don't know what happened, but maybe they suddenly (by accident I'm sure) hired a couple of forward thinkers that filled the ears of party leaders with the figures above and many, many more such considerations.

It has always been my life policy that: When you are confronted with a dumbfuck, BE NICE, because when the dumbfucks take over the earth, that dumfuck standing in front of you may be the one in charge.

But if anyone has a different opinion to this seemingly new development, I'd love to hear it.

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