Monday, September 27, 2010

Dr. Vidiot vs. the NYPD

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It was a hot day here on Friday and Dr. Vidiot was riding the subway home from his field research. The first train he got on had broken air-conditioning so he did what any other tired and hot New Yorker would do -- he walked through the cars to the next car.

Also, keep in mind Dr. Vidiot, even though he's a PhD in his mid-thirties, looks like a 19-20 year old Hispanic kid who could easily be up to no good.

Next thing he knows, two cops are standing in front of him in a very intimidating way. When the train pulls into the next station, they order him off the train.

"Sir, do you know why we removed you from the train?"

"Uh, no, I have no idea," watching his train pull out of the station.

"Sir, why did you walk between the trains?"

"Uh, because it's hot and the air conditioner was broken."

Very menacingly": "We're going to have to issue you a citation."


"Walking between subway cars is against the law."

"But guys! It was hot!"


"Does it help my dad was a cop?"

"Your dad was a cop?....No. That doesn't help."

"Does it help that I'm a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice?"

"What do you teach."

With a shit-eating grin: "Deviance."

Cop pauses.... "No, that doesn't help."

"Oh, c'mon man! I'm professor. My dad's a cop. It's too hot!"

They probably thought about the field day a professor from John Jay would have with getting a stupid citation and agreed to let him go on a warning.

But can you imagine? With all the terror terror terror crap, they decide to bust the chops of what appears to be some young Hispanic kid. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that their whole racial profiling thing bit them in the ass.

NYC is a complete police state. The Big Apple is covered in chicken wire.

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