Friday, April 14, 2006

Hoppy Easter ... or ... I Love Wabbits ...

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they're tasty!*

Easter Bunny Stew

I mean to tell you, this is one tasty stew worth rising from the dead for! You can fix this crowd-pleaser in a snap, a snap that starts when you snap the neck of a cute little fuzzy bunny rabbit. Don't waste your time at the grocery store trying to find fresh bunny! With a stack of carrots, you can turn killing rabbits into a fun game for your children. Don't let your kids use buckshot -- or you will be picking pellets out of your gums where you used to have teeth. Instead, give each of your youngins a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and teach them to club them "seal style." Not only will this avoid cracking a crown on buckshot, your children will be tenderizing the bunnies with each deadly blow.
I'll skip the list of ingredients, (hey, it's rabbit stew, the ingredients are rabbit & stew), and go straight to the prep:
Have your children peel off all the cute, fuzzy-wuzzy pelts of the bunnies (reserve them to make holiday-themed, furry napkin rings) and rip the flesh from the dead rabbit's brittle little bones. You Martha Stewarts out there will want to reserve the bloody bunny skeletons to make stock, but if you ask me, instant soup is a whole lot easier! In a General Electric crock-pot, combine the hunks of bunny your children have ripped off the freshly-clubbed animal and all the other ingredients. Bring to a simmer and simmer uncovered for 10 minutes. Cover and cook over low heat for no less than four days.
And I'm told if you wait 3 days after the meal, the rabbits will be risen and you can eat Easter Bunny Stew again!

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