Monday, May 15, 2006


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I actually got polled this weekend. I never get polled. It was for the dem primary in my district. Now, my congresscritter has been in congress for like 25 years. He used to be called the "Marlboro Man"' because of all the money he took from big tobacco. He's, frankly, kind of useless. Never takes a stand on anything. The poll was actually a push poll against him, but I didn't need that to say I wouldn't be voting for the incumbent.

I think that, wherever possible, we should vote against ALL the incumbents, sans those few who actually bother to fight for their constituency, like Dennis Kucinich. I mean, here's a California Congressman who, for all intents and purposes, whether it's illegal or not, used his position in congress to boost real estate values in his district, which included real estate that he owned. He's been in congress since 1992. That's about 10 years too long by my standards.

If we're going to revolutionize this government, we have to do a few things:
Well, a girl can dream, can't she?


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