Monday, May 22, 2006

Propaganda of the Weekend

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While attending a bar Mitzvah in Cleveland, Ohio (oh joy) I was listening to the news on the local news there. It was astounding! It was about the uprising in Gitmo. How they staged a hanging and waited for the troops to come in and stop it, then they ambushed the troops. Then, they had had some commander from Gitmo on a phone line saying (and I paraphrase) "You see! This just proves that these guys are committed jihadists and want to kill our people whenever and wherever they can."


Yes, yes. That's it. They want to kill our troops whenever and wherever they can. It absolutely has nothing to do with the torture and abuse and the indefinite incarceration and the heat and the bad food and the .....

I tell you what those "committed jihadists were doing. They wanted to hold a couple of those troops hostage and bargained their way off that island OR they were committing "suicide by cop." Pretty simple really.


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