Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A quickie...

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They showed "Enemy of the State" on ABC the other night. That's the movie where Will Smith and Gene Hackman are fighting against the NSA.

I found it odd that they showed such an old movie (1998) on a Saturday night and let it run it's full 3 hours. I mean, not only is it old, but that movie goes on and on about the NSA and what they can do, especially when one man runs amok, and it talks about the agreements the NSA has with all of the telecoms and that was eight years ago and they were stretching it then. Now, it's easy to think all that stuff is way possible now and then some.

But the weirdest thing about the movie is that at one point, Gene Hackman is doing research on the bad guy and pulls up his file. Guess what the bad guy's birthdate was?

Go ahead. Guess.



I shit you not.


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