Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Oxymoron of the day

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In addition to ethics classes these folks need Remedial SexEd 101:
Several religious leaders joined Allard to argue that the [Gay Marriage] ban is needed to counteract an array of social ills, from rising divorce rates to out-of-wedlock births.
Point 1) Children rarely result from gay sex*
Point 2) Even with artificial insemination, denying people the chance to marry only ensures that the kids will be out of wedlock! What a maroon!

The government really has no business in the marriage trade anyway except as registering the civil contract just like they do any other contract. The government should stick to contracts and leave churches to do the marrying. This whole issue is about nothing but pandering and bigotry.

Hat tip to WTF!

* So this woman walks into her Doctor's office and after the exam says she has an embarrassing question to ask. The Dr reassures her and asks her what the problem is.

Finally, blushing and embarrassed she says "My husband wants to have anal sex! Is it safe?"

The Dr says "Well as long as he's gentle and you don't object I don't see a problem, just make sure you use birth control."

"Birth control! ... there!?" she exclaims.

"Of course," he says, "where do you think lawyers come from?"


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