Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The coffin doesn't need anymore nails.

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Every other day, I read about some legislative assault on the constitution. Here's another one.
Excerpt: A new law moving through Congress threatens to classify non-violent civil disobedience carried out by animal-rights groups as terrorism. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), already passed unanimously by the US Senate, expands on a previous law aimed at activists who protest the treatment of animals. It reclassifies common activist tactics as terrorism based solely on the cause pursued.
Honestly. It just keeps getting worse. And yet, I don't hear anyone commenting upon it on the street. (I don't seriously expect the talking heads to mention it. THAT would be just insane of me to even THINK that they could.)

So here we are. Citizenship won't protect us, the Military Act took care of that. And now, even peaceful protest will cause a person to be charged with terrorism. Which will then invoke the Military Act and bye-bye baby.

Yes. It's no wonder that Giuliani thinks he can be president in this environment. He's as big a nazi-type as they come. He ripped the heart and soul out of NYC and turned it into a white-washed, commercial Disney world. Let me tell you a little something about Rudy. His father was a loan-shark. He married his first cousin. Then, cheated on her. Divorced her and married his mistress. THEN, he cheated on his second wife. Divorced her and then married his mistress. He's either delusional or he "knows something." Those are the only explanations for why he thinks he can be president.


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