Saturday, November 11, 2006

My take on the election ... or ... the view thru rose colored (shot) glasses

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Lincoln was right, you can only fool all of the people some of the time. The majority of Americans who voted are sick of their children dying in an illegal and mismanaged war. They don't agree with secret prisons, warrantless wiretaps and torture. They think they should be able to afford health care and make a living wage.

Democrats took back the state houses, the house and the senate because they fought for them and they had something to offer besides 'stay the course.' The DNC's (Dean's) strategy worked ... and the DLC's didn't. Fight every race, municipal, state and federal. Say what you mean and fight for what you believe in. Even if you lose, you fought the good fight.

Bloggers and the internet also had a huge impact, locally and nationally. They raised a $hitload of money in races the national structure gave up on. They publicized races that didn't get national attention from corporate media and helped establish a real grassroots network and gave a voice to folks (like me) who had despaired of ever being heard by our leaders or the corporate media.

And I'm sick of reading the pundits saying dems won because they moved to the center. The dem candidates were all the way from the right to the center to the left and back again. Dems have never had a lockstep voice and I hope they never do. Pundits have no special skills or insight and no knowledge of anything outside the beltway. Screw 'em.

But this isn't the time to relax and definitely not the time to compromise. This was just the first step. Roll back the unconstitutional WOT laws that gutted our freedoms. Take back the power that king george claims for the executive. Fight back against politicians and the political process that makes our leaders beholden to corporations that have no allegiance to America, Americans or the principles that America was founded on.

We proved we can make a difference, now let's make that difference count.


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