Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well, It's official.

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The dems now control both houses of Congress. AP and NBC just called it for Webb in Virginia. And all of Europe, and perhaps the world, are breathing a sigh of relief. But now is the time for the American people to step up to the plate. It's kind of like moving into a new apartment and swearing that you're not going to let the kitchen floor get as dirty as the last place. The American people have to stay on top of this bunch and make sure they don't get as 'dirty' as the last bunch. Upon their swearing in, they should be called, daily, and monitored, daily. Anytime they do something stupid, you tell them. Anytime they do something good, you tell them. The system itself is a fallacy, but, the people are not. Let these idiots know that their jobs are temporary and can be made more temporary if need be. Let them know that there decisions should benefit people and not corporations, should benefit our communities and not other countries. And if they refuse, let them know there's a bucket of tar and a bag of feathers, both with their name on it.

And I say F-CK bipartisanship. I say take the f-ckers down.

(Sorry mom, had to be said.)


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