Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beheading Plot Foiled?

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Unconfirmed reports suggest the move to arrest nine men in Birmingham today were triggered by an "imminent threat to life."Members of the West Midlands anti-terrorist squad working with other branches of national intelligence units (MI5) would neither confirm or deny the threat.

It was suggested that the plot was to kidnap a returning Muslim member of the British armed forces, behead him and post the video on the Internet.

There are at present some sixteen hundred anti-terrorist personnel working on counter terrorist measures out side of London alone.

Counter terrorist forces are said to have been working on this case for the past six months, showing particular interest in an Islamic book shop in the area.

In February 1984, less than a mile from the area where the arrests were made, the then Indian deputy high commissioner Ravindra Mhatre was kidnapped by the radical Kurdish group JKLFJammu Kashmir liberation front.He was held captive at an isolated farmhouse for two days, where after being tortured his body was discovered.


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