Monday, January 29, 2007


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Watched the old movie "The Day After" yesterday on the SciFi channel. I remember when I first saw that movie. It was with a bunch of us in the dorm, I was a sophomore in college. We sat there in silence for the whole thing and afterwards, I had nightmares for weeks. I was trying to explain to Mr. Vidiot what it was like to be a teenager at the height of the Cold War and just how frightening it was. Now, I'm starting to feel some of that old fear again. Then, we had a foreign policy based on M.A.D., and it sort of worked. Now, it's all just insane. There's no more M.A.D. Anyone can drop one on anyone else and not worry about repercussions. Hell, the Bush administration's defense policy talks about "limited" or "tactical" nukes. (It's called a Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations.)

There's nothing "limited" or "tactical" about any of it.


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