Monday, January 29, 2007

Sssssh, Don't tell Dubya

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A Story With Borders, for now?
Things are starting to get more than a little scary, we here in England are the most spyed upon nation on earth, but this takes the biscuit.
X-ray cameras that would "undress" passers-by in a bid to thwart terrorists concealing weapons, could be coming to a street near you, according to reports. Aside from the obvious privacy issues, would such a plan work?
Leaked documents said to have been drawn up by the Home Office and seen by the Sun newspaper say cameras which can see through clothes could be built into lamp posts to "trap terror suspects". Full story
It is undisputed that if a person lives in London they will be caught on CCTV some three hundred times a day, and probably not a lot less in all the major cities.
Couple that with "Atomatic Number Plate Reconition" and there aren't many places left to go and be anonimous.
As trends go, we here in Britain are usually a year or two behind the US, but when it comes to "Big Brother" we are streets ahead. Aren't we the lucky ones?
The last true freedom is now gone from me, my sailing days are over, to come out of the harbour and say, "Do I go left, or do I go right" and never once did I file a route plan with the coastgaurd, it's an alien thing to do as a single hander.


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