Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tonight's "speech"

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Everybody already knows what Herr Gigglemeister is going to say this evening. He's going to raise the number of troops in Iraq by about 20,000. And he's going to do that with or without help from Congress (no matter what non-binding resolution Ted Kennedy puts forth) (Non-binding. What the hell is THAT all about? Take a stand you friggin' spineless useless quivering slabs of gelatinous flesh!) Where is he going to get these troops? I know a woman who works at the Landstuhl hospital in Germany. That's where most of the guys who are injured go to get fixed up. She told me the guys are a mess. Totally stressed out. They've done back-to-back tours and have completely lost their minds. Extending their tours or returning them for a 3rd tour or whatever is NOT a good idea.

And are they really being put in place over there, not to "fix" Iraq but rather, to make sure there are enough troops for the coming war with Iran? Besides the change in command over there, and besides the fact that there are a couple of carrier groups over there, the recent minor "collision" between a sub and a Japanese freighter should give you a clue. The sub was probably "shadowing" with the freighter so they wouldn't be detected going through the Straits of Hormuz.

So, tonight, I will be watching the giggling chimp speak, and I'll be counting the number of times he blinks and looking for red spots on his face. That'll tell me how much he's lying. I expect he'll be batting his eyes and wearing so much pancake makeup that he'll look embalmed.


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