Monday, January 08, 2007

There is nothing new under the Son

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The New Way Forward is the same way forwards or backwards. A surge or escalation of troops is nothing new by Bush. He has been doing it all along. Let's go to the tape:
November 19, 2004:
    US expected to boost troop levels in Iraq
a temporary surge in American forces - which now number 141,000 in Iraq

December 1st, 2004:
    Troop levels in Iraq to rise
the U.S. troop total in Iraq will hit 150,000, about 12,000 above the current level and surpassing the peak of 148,000 in May 2003, right after the fall of Baghdad, said Army Brig. Gen. David Rodriguez

January 25, 2005:
    Army Plans To Keep Iraq Troop Level Through '06
The U.S. Army expects to keep its troop strength in Iraq at the current level of about 120,000

August 11, 2005:
    Bush Says No Decision Yet on Iraq Troop Levels
the number of U.S. troops in Iraq -- currently about 138,000

January 2, 2007:
    Calibrating a Troop 'Surge'
The U.S. has about 140,000 troops in Iraq, and the additional forces could total as many as 20,000.


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