Friday, January 19, 2007

We can learn something from Cheney.

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Cheney has complete disdain for DC and it's politics and believes it is full of "suffering fools."
Excerpt: The Post's David Ignatius ponders how Vice President Dick Cheney manages to retain so much power in the White House in spite of the ruinous political consequences that his policy has had for the Bush presidency. One insight Ignatius offers is that Cheney is driven by a belief that politics in the nation's capital is "all BS" that he believes should be ignored.
While this comes as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention, it does explain how he can, in HIS good conscious, go about his business. He basically does not recognize the checks and balances and rules and laws as being legitimate. So, what can we learn from him?

Well, we have been shown, and very clearly I might add, how to operate when we don't recognize a social system, like government, as legitimate. And on top of that, if Cheney doesn't think it's legitimate, why should we? And furthermore, who really thinks that Cheney is legitimate? (See Bush v. Gore)

So, thank you Mr. Cheney for making things so very crystal clear for us: the whole government is completely illegitimate.

Now we know.


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