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Are You An Angry Motorist?

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Are you an angry motorist? asks BBC's Newsnight. (video)

Well, like all easy targets who see speed cameras as having little effect on road safety, if not an *adverse effect*, but solely as a means of raising revenue, yes I do get pi££ed, mightily pi££ed in fact.

But there again I can't say I have ever been as angry as Basil. Fawlty Towers - Gourmet Night - Car

* * As with all statistics it is far too easy to be selective to produce the desired result. Google for yourself to draw your own conclusion if you so desire.

A couple of results here, one US report on red light cameras, albeit a separate issue.And another report from the US on the goings on in England.

Author and site owners do not endorse the type of activism that is reported by Newsnight.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger oscar wilde said...

A little footnote to this story.
Well if someone described me as a bit of an anarchist, sure I wouldn't be taking offence.

So here I am, it's the middle of my first night back in the country.
I had just driven a couple of hundred miles down the highway at a touch over the limit, speed limit that is, just a few miles from home I take the off ramp that leads on to a wide, quiet country road that is posted at 40mph.

Now I don't put cops as the sharpest chisels in the box at the best of times, but being the sneaky men of dubious parentage that is their lot, they do know where to place a speed camera.

Far enough away from the off ramp to let a driver get a bit of speed up, and working quite rightly on the theory that a driver comming off the highway is still driving in "fast mode."

Well when I saw the flash go off in the rear-view mirror, the first thing that entered my head was "would the film be fast enough to take a photo of a car doing 130+" quickly followed by "hey, I'm on foriegn plates."

How sweet this old world can be.


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