Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Irony of the Week Weak

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Bush talks about fiscal responsibility

President Bush preached the virtues of fiscal responsibility Tuesday at a company that recently settled a class-action lawsuit alleging it had engaged in price-fixing and violated antitrust laws.
Bush said his plan would lead to a balanced budget in five years after soaring deficits.
The Justice Department granted Micron immunity from criminal charges in exchange for its cooperation.
And now we see the real $$ quote:
Steven Appleton, chief executive officer of Micron Technology gave $2,000 to Bush and $15,000 to the Republican National Committee during Bush's 2004 re-election campaign.
So let's see if I got this straight. Bush, after burying the country in record deficits, calls for 'fiscal responsibility.'

And how does he go about this? I'm so glad you asked. He proposes a budget that slashes health care for Americans and increases Pentagon spending to record levels so he can continue throwing lives away in a war that he started on lies.

And where does he go to advance his cause? Why, he goes to a company run by a major campaign contributor that has been given criminal immunity by the DoJ for business crimes!

And just like his plans for victory in Iraq, the balanced budget will only happen after he's left office.

Well, at least that part I believe.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

I truly believe that no nation can long survive when such a hugh (40%!) portion of its budget is used for making war and improving the war machine to the detriment of that nation's citizens and the neglect of societal safeguards to benefit all.

In bush's zeal to dominate the Middle East oil fields he is deliberately spending such vast sums to insure that social programs must remain unfunded to preserve the military-industrial complex in the name of "national security".

Thus the importance of the phony "war on terror", impossible to define, much less win, but a perfect excuse to continue the pillaging of our treasury.

Until we grow intelligent enough to understand that if we spent the trillions of dollars we spend now to destroy countries, commit genocide, further poison the world with chemical/biological/nuclear weapons, and re-igniting the arms race on a scale never before imagined, we are guaranteeing the decline and fall of America due to imperial hubris and our warring with the world.

With what we have spent in Iraq alone this country could have funded every single social program we have and created more still to uplift people, bring them together, and keep this planet from being destroyed.

Universal health care, massive infrastructure repair works programs, breaking our dependency on oil,
restoring our manufacturing capabilities, creating entire new industries in which we could train and employ people, free college for every American, and protecting Social Security for all perpetuity.

All this and more is possible, but every politician running for office has apparently been genetically re-engineered to buy this phony war on terror in toto, and none seem willing to say, "Stop it. There are no terrorists under your beds, no massive armies of suicide bombers perched on our borders waiting for the signal to invade us, no navies of terrorists approaching our shores to invade and bring terror to every street corner of every city, and if we pull out of Iraq the greater probability would be that the "terrorists" would simply return to their homes and lives than there is any likelihood that they would 'follow us back to America' to continue their attacks on us.

"So stop it, just stop it, and remember that as FDR said, '…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…', so stop listening to all the cowardly losers who see terrorists everywhere when they really only exist in their minds and the phony construct of this phony war on terror and the false-hearted, paranoid, imperial bigots seeking ratification of their phony patriotism. STOP IT."


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