Friday, February 23, 2007

Guerillas in Their Midst

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Always looking for the "BBB" (Bigger, Better, Bombs) isn't strictly an American pursuit. Spurred on by what seems to be an endless occupation that bears suspicious resemblances to a civil war, Iraqi insurgents (the new "in" word describing guerilla fighters) are beginning to use ever more creative means to blow sh*t up and maximize casualties.

Since January 28 this year they have detonated at least three bombs made up of chlorine canisters and high explosives. Big bang and the added danger of chemical injuries. Chlorine gas, in small quantities causes eye, skin, and lung irritation that can be quite debilitating. Large doses will kill.

From an article at Huffington Post today:
The U.S. military warned Thursday that insurgents are adopting new tactics in a campaign to spread panic after troops uncovered a car bomb factory with propane tanks and chlorine cylinders _ possible ingredients for more chemical attacks following three explosions involving chlorine.…

Those blasts…have raised fears that insurgents are trying [Trying? More like succeeding. Bill] to develop new ways to confront U.S. and Iraqi forces. Any increase in chemical bombings could complicate the Baghdad security crackdown…

Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno…said he did not think the attacks signaled a more capable insurgency. Instead, he said they were merely an attempt to provoke fear. [Pardon me, that's what terrorists do, provoke fear. They succeeded so it would appear the good general is wrong that this "…(doesn't) signal a more capable insurgency. Bill]

"What they're trying to do is ... adapt in such ways where they can continue to create instability," Odierno said. [Not hard to do where there is no stability. Bill]

The raid on the car bomb factory occurred late Tuesday in the volatile western province of Anbar…U.S. troops discovered a pickup truck and three other vehicles that were being prepared as car bombs, as well as detonation material in five buildings. [My word, how many times must we "pacify" Anbar Province? bill

"We also found ingredients to be used to devise or enhance explosives, such as fertilizer and chlorine cylinders," Odierno told Pentagon reporters by video-link.…

"What is obvious to us is that the terrorists are adopting new tactics to cause panic and as many casualties as they can among civilians," Iraqi military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Qassim Moussawi, told reporters. "But our plans also are always changeable and flexible to face the enemies' new tactics."

All America saw what some ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel in a medium-size truck can do in Oklahoma City.

How much longer can it be before the BBBs are truly devastating and our troops suffer larger numbers of casualties as the insurgents use ever more dangerous chemicals in their bombs?

This concerns me so much that I wrote of it yesterday on the Edgeing website as well,"Cheap Chemical Weapons for $200", Alex. if the reader is interested.

But at least bush can now honestly say, "There chemical weapons in Iraq – thanks to 'Murka."

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