Thursday, February 22, 2007

Major Discovery

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At long last a live specimen of a colossal squid. Exciting!


At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

The catching of at least one or two giant squid and now this colossal squid, creatures of legend that struck terror into the hearts of seagoing men for centuries, makes me wonder if there is something happening in their ultra-deep habitat – and not something good.

Why are they now coming so close to the surface that they are in contact now with man?

Have we poisoned the deep they call home to the point that a diminishing number of fish to eat there is bringing them upward?

And isn't it a shame that they could not have photographed this magnificent creature and released him back to the deep?

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Himself said...

Hello Bill, I'm with you until the last paragraph, were it not for (a) AS FAR AS WE KNOW their life span is relatively short,(about 2 years in the case of giant squid) and (b) to be able to study such a creature is too rare an occurrence to pass up. I am in no doubt such study would give us further understanding in all you allude to in your post.

There is little doubt of my feelings on such matters of killing the creatures of this planet as these two posts will testify, but in the case of this creature I have to come down on the side of scientific research.
Proper "Scientific Research" as opposed to the Japanese type that is so poorly argued in these two posts.


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