Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why I love the blogs

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I love the blogs because they do the work journalists don't do.

Here, on bradblog, it is shown the the pictures the media used, well, read for yourself:
Excerpt: Two stories posted in the last week on the CNN website, one on nukes in Iran last Wednesday, and another on nukes in North Korea on Saturday, both use the same aerial photograph of the same purported nuclear power plant!

And those weapons in Iraq that allegedly came from Iran? The Simon explains:
Excerpt: 1. Iran purchases its arms from Russia. Any writing on shells purchased from their ally to the north would have Cyrillic written on them. And any shells produced locally would have Farsi, not English, denoting blast yield.
2. Russian mortar rounds are 82mm, not 81mm. So those rounds Iraqi police uncovered? Not big enough to get the job done (performance anxiety, perhaps?).
3. Iran and Afghanistan don't use the Gregorian calendar. It may be February, 2007, in the United States, but it's 23 Bahman 1385 in Iran. Stamping bombs "3-2006" ignores the fact Iran adopted the Jalaali calendar long ago. It also assumes a Muslim-dominated nation would follow a calendar which sets Jesus Christ as its focal point. Oops - try again!

But logically, think of it. As Juan Cole via Josh Marshal, did.
Excerpt: But I've seen few press reports which specifically note what seems to be the biggest hole in the administration's argument -- namely, that Iran supports the Shi'a militias but most of our troops are being killed by Sunni insurgents. As Juan Cole notes, the numbers simply don't add up.

Update: From the comments. The Iranians MAY actually make 81mm thingamajigs. But that still doesn't prove a thing. (Thanks Nemo for the heads up)

And again, that's why I love the blogs.

Update 2: That website that says Iran does make 81mm thingamajigs is a little fishy.


At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Nemo said...

Believe it or not, Iran really does make 81mm mortars. Who knew?


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