Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Past Words Define bush, an Aphorism.

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I just love aphorisms, maxims, truisms, or whatever else they may be termed. It's often times the case that an aphorism, being universally recognized as true, describes current events better than any other source.

The Oxford Book of Aphorisms is among the very best collections of aphorisms and, though it is out-of-print, copies are relatively easy to find. From this tome:
An attitude of permanent indignation signifies great mental poverty. Politics compels its votaries to take that line and you can see their minds growing more and more impoverished every day, from one burst of righteous anger to the next.

Valery, Tel Quel, 1941-3
Stop and remember all the times a self-righteous president bush has chided the American people and in a hostile manner told the public so many lies.

It is clear that, "An attitude of permanent indignation signifies great mental poverty.…" is an apt description of bush, and his moral poverty has been on public display since assuming office.

I don't think it would be possible to write truer words, at least insofar as bush is concerned, so I shall refrain from even attempting to do so.


At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

Now isn't that interesting - I see it as quite the opposite: it is the asstard Left that has adopted the attitude of permanent indignation. Your blog is just further proof.


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