Saturday, March 10, 2007

Russia-China, "No Way, U.S.A." to Iran Sanctions

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For a long time now I have speculated that Russia and China would grow weary of American hegemony, and the bush imperial desire to control every drop of oil in the world by forcefully seizing every oil field in every oil-rich country. His current wishes for war with Iran serves that purpose, to help protect the Iraqi oil fields and to give bush in-roads to controlling the oil fields of Iran.

Everyone on earth that reads or listens to the news knows of bush's desire to impose sanction on Iran that are so severe in nature as to virtually be a declaration of war, which is of course the very thing bush desires.

However, from this article in BBC News we now find the Russian-Chinese alliance practically quoting Poppy bush, "Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture."

Russia and China have said they have reservations about some of the proposed UN Security Council sanctions to punish Iran for continuing to enrich uranium.…The Security Council is seeking to expand sanctions imposed in December over concerns Tehran is secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons.…[For which there is not an iota of proof. Bill]…Diplomats from Russia and China have balked at the current UN suggestions.…The proposals include an arms embargo, trade restrictions, a travel ban and an extension of an existing list of firms and individuals whose assets would be frozen.…"[China's] main difficulty is with the financial and the trade sanctions against Iran because we feel that we should not punish the Iranian people," Chinese ambassador Wang Guangya said after Security Council talks.…Mr Wang said that Russia was unhappy with the specific naming of Iran's Revolutionary Guards on the list of those whose assets would be frozen. "They feel it is an institution in Iran and you don't penalise an institution," Mr Wang said.…The elite military group of more than 200,000 is controlled directly by the state's supreme leader.…
I think history has proven that sanctions placed on a country do tend to have the most deleterious effects on the populace-at-large than a country's leaders. Think Iraq, for example.

And placing sanctions on an organization like the Revolutionary Guard, a miniscule 200,000 person organization drawn from the 70,000,000 people that populate Iran, would seem to be nothing more than an act of provocation – somewhat like Iran placing sanctions against the U.S. Army instead of America as a whole.

It is nothing more than a clumsy, heavy-handed attempt to de-fund the Elite military services of Iran to lessen their effectiveness when bush attacks. bush is attempting placing sanctions against the Revolutionary Guard in hopes this much smaller organization will violate the sanctions and provide casus belli for making war with 70 million people who would not have violated sanctions.

I guess it is just easier to get a smaller group to violate sanctions. The Russians and Chinese see through this transparent desire of bush for more war and are entirely correct to view the actions of the bush/cheney maladministration as duplicitous, underhanded, and sneaky attempts to continue American hegemony, and not good faith efforts to resolve a problem for which there is nothing to support any allegations that the problem exists at all.

When a president and his administration have proven that the only halfway competent thing they can do is lie, lie, and lie again, well, sooner or later other countries will stop aligning themselves with known liars.

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