Tuesday, April 17, 2007

America: Thy Name is Hypocrisy.

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From Raw Story:
The White House on Monday sharply scolded Russia over the repression of opposition demonstrations over the weekend and urged Moscow to reaffirm publicly its respect for freedom of speech.…"We are deeply disturbed by the heavy-handed manner in which this weekend's demonstrations in Moscow and Saint Petersburg were broken up by the authorities, and by an emerging pattern of use of excessive force by the authorities in reaction to similar events," said spokeswoman Dana Perino.
From the NYT:
Lawyers for two men charged with illegally ejecting two people from a speech by President Bush in 2005 are arguing that the president’s staff can lawfully remove anyone who expresses points of view different from his.…Mr. Young and Ms. Weise filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court here, saying they were ejected shortly after they had arrived in a car that had an antiwar bumper sticker, although they had done nothing disruptive. The suit charged Mr. Casper and Mr. Klinkerman with violating Mr. Young’s and Ms. Weise’s First Amendment right to free speech.…Mr. Casper and Mr. Klinkerman lost their motion for dismissal, and this week their lawyers filed an appeals brief arguing that their clients had the right to take action against Mr. Young and Ms. Weise precisely because the two held views different from Mr. Bush’s.…“They excluded people from a White House event because they posed a threat of being disruptive,” said a lawyer for Mr. Casper, Sean Gallagher.
I am at a total loss for words.

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