Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Flying and Dying for God and Country

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This is both too sad and too ridiculous to contemplate: British RAF pilots are being asked to consider following orders to use their jet as a weapon, kamikaze-style, by deliberately committing suicide crashing their planes into "high value" targets.

Clearly any sense of decency, honor, and regard for human life is meeting its end in America and Great Briton. America's has been gone since virtually the very day bush entered office six years ago, but the Brits are steadily catching up.

Raw Story, in an exclusive report reveals:
RAF Top Guns were stunned last night after being asked to think of being Kamikaze pilots in the war on terror.…Elite fliers were shocked into silence when a senior RAF chief said they should consider suicide missions as a last resort against terrorist targets.…Air Vice Marshal David Walker put forward the attacks — like those flown by desperate Japanese pilots in World War Two — as a “worst case scenario” should they run out of ammo or their weapons failed.…He asked aircrews at a conference: “Would you think it unreasonable if I ordered you to fly your aircraft into the ground in order to destroy a vehicle carrying a Taliban or al-Qaeda commander?” [italics in article. Bill]
Just what has happened to countries purporting to be bastions of liberty, respectful of international law, life, and famed for their stellar militaries? Are our leaders so afraid of the crushing loss of the Iraqi war that they will begin sacrificing not just soldiers on the ground, but now have them dropping from the skies on a suicide mission?

Is this a test balloon for asking the same of American pilots? Is this what "Warriors for God" summer camps are training our children and future religious soldiers for? You know, the camps that have children speaking in tongues and worshipping a picture of gwb?

I've got to say that any pilot that would agree to commit-suicide-on-demand is NOT someone I want to see in the cockpit of a multi-million dollar warplane, flying around armed with missiles, bombs, and cannons, as I believe any pilot that would agree to this is already unstable and should be grounded. Instantly.

The RAF pilots that responded negatively said it best: Last night pilots slammed the suggestion as “utter madness”. One — summing up a flabbergasted “After you, Sir” reaction — said: “I’m prepared to give it a go but only if the Air Vice Marshal shows me how to do it first.”



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