Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am a complete and utter geek

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The analytical structure underlying the spinorial theory
can be represented visually. The structure is a Xi-transform,
which moves between the three spaces in the directions given
by the bendings of the upper case Greek letter Xi. The distorted squares
represent the wave operator. The product of a wave operator and
a Xi transform, taken in any order, is zero.
Image credit: Erin Sparling.

I get all excited when I read about an animated movie that's going to be released that's based on Edwin Abbott's novel called Flatland. (Read online version of the book here.)

What's even more geeky is that I found it on physorg.com when I was reading an article on how other dimensions may be time-like.
Excerpt: In a recent study, mathematician George Sparling of the University of Pittsburgh examines a fundamental question pondered since the time of Pythagoras, and still vexing scientists today: what is the nature of space and time? After analyzing different perspectives, Sparling offers an alternative idea: space-time may have six dimensions, with the extra two being time-like.
I need help.


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