Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not to be believed

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If the IMF says the world economy is going to boom, well, then, they MUST be right.
Excerpt: The world economy is set to grow briskly in 2007-08, heading for a "soft landing" despite this year's stock- market jitters and slower growth in the United States and Europe, the International Monetary Fund said Wednesday.
It's not like they've ever been wrong before, what with the economic collapse of most of Latin America due to their forced austerity programs and the slower recovery of any of the countries they "helped" after the Asian flu hit. (OK, I know that's a little cryptic, but take my word for it, the IMF is riddled with incompetents.)

And this one is a doozie.
Excerpt: Iranian intelligence operatives have been training Iraqi fighters inside Iran on how to use and assemble deadly roadside bombs known as EFPs, the U.S. military spokesman said Wednesday.
OK. Let's recap.

We heard similar nonsense in the buildup to the war with Iraq. "Iraq was helping al Qaeda" blah blah blah. (Why did the WaPo report, then scrub, an article that said that and EFP factory was found INSIDE Iraq. WTF?) Do they really think we'll fall for any of that crap again?

And with friends like these....
Excerpt: Henry Kissinger and three other former US secretaries of state have endorsed Republican Senator John McCain in his bid for the presidency, his campaign team said on Tuesday.
McCain is SURE to win now. Oh boy!

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