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What about the USAs who weren't fired?

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Sure, we've heard a lot about the US Attorneys who were appointed and then fired by Bush because they weren't 'loyal Bushies', how about the ones who kept their jobs? What exactly do you have to do to be a 'loyal Bushie?'

From the article below I guess it means they have to prosecute Dems right before a close election ... and then have their prosecution overturned after the election when "the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago called the charges unfounded"
Ex-state worker freed from prison by federal appeals court

MADISON, Wis. - Georgia Thompson's lawyer says the former state worker wrongly lost her job, her home, her liberty and her good name _ all as the result of a conviction that a federal appeals court vacated for lack of evidence.

Freed from prison on the court's order Thursday, the woman whose conviction on fraud charges became a political football in last fall's race for Wisconsin governor may finally start to rebuild her life.
In arguments Thursday on her appeal, the three-judge panel of the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago called the charges unfounded.

"It strikes me that your evidence is beyond thin," Judge Diane Wood told prosecutors. "I'm not sure what your actual theory in this case is."

The court then acquitted Thompson on the spot and ordered her immediate release from the prison she entered in November to serve an 18-month term.

Republicans last fall cited the case in television ads to question the ethics of Doyle, a Democrat who wound up defeating Republican Mark Green to win a second four-year term. The governor had countered that he never met Thompson, and neither he nor his aides pressured her.
Congress should be taking a close look not at just the USAs who were fired, but at what the ones who weren't fired did to keep their jobs.

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