Wednesday, May 16, 2007

While I'm not ready

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to cheer the death of anybody, the passing of Mr. Falwell is notable. Mostly because we won't have to look at him any more. We'll still have to hear him though. Reams and reams of footage exist on the man. So we're stuck with that.

But what I would love to be is a fly on the wall of his after-death experience.
Booming voice: Mr. Falwell?

JF: Is that you, God?

Booming voice: Mr. Falwell? Why did you hate homosexuals? Are you not aware that I created them too?

JF: But they chose to be that way. They could've chosen not to.

Booming Voice: Wrong! I MADE them that way you imbecile. {sigh} Well, since I love all of my creations, even you, I will allow you into Heaven. But only for one night. Then I will send you back to Earth. You, Mr. Falwall, need a do-over. But this time, you will not be a wealthy and corpulant white reverend with way more media access than he deserves. No. THIS time, you will be a poor gay man with multiple gender identity issues. Enjoy!

Well, in my mind, that's the way it SHOULD go down.



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