Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This is as I have been saying all along.

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The truth dam is breaking and there will be no stopping it. I have been trying to notify folks to bone up on the facts so that they won't be blindsided as the facts emerge. I'm trying to warn folks.

On the 11th of May, I posted a huge sign in my front yard and I decided just to leave it up. On the same day I wrote a sensible letter to the largest newspaper in my area (see below) and as of yet nobody has even acknowledged receiving it. It went to everybody of major importance on the paper's staff and even to one reporter I know personally. No response.

There are dark days ahead but then the sun will shine brighter than ever before. The lies are unravelling at breakneck pace as they always do. My take is that Rosie is just an average caring American who is doing what we should all do, look at all of the discrepancies of 9/11 and try to make sense of it all. The people are doing it because our organs of government are now compromised and cannot be trusted. Thank You neocons you've all done a "heckuva job!"

Here's the letter:

To The Folks at The Janesville Gazette,

I thank you ahead of time for investing a bit of time with this letter.

Today is , as is every 11th of every month, a time to reengage ourselves in the pursuit of truth about the events of 9/11. We simply do not know the full and complete story of what happened that day and the truths already uncovered are indeed ominous. We Americans who are exposing truth on a daily basis will hold the 11th of every month as a solemn day. We intend to keep the pressure on until the full and unvarnished truth is presented to the American people in honor of all who have been victimized by the violence of 9/11 and the wars that have followed.

I realize that truth can be a mighty tough pill to swallow but the alternative is even worse. It is far more harmful to let a wound fester and an illness go untreated.

In that light I wish The Janesville Gazette would devote an ample amount of time to revealing the truths we already know that do not square with what the government has presented to us. Much of the truth exists in the myriad of ommissions not included in the accounts of that day. We have based paradigm shifting decisions on the attacks of 9/11 and to that end we must never waver in trying to understand exactly what happened.

I do not wish to go into the entire laundry list of questions that remain but there are a few that do not allow me to sleep well at night.

I want to know what we are entitled to with our tax money. What do I mean? Well...our ultra expensive and highly capable military was not able to protect our airspace that day and that is after practicing for 50 years of the cold war. What did we get for our money? Who botched the response? Have you ever heard of one single solitary individual being held responsible for failure that day. All of the folks that scream about high taxes and wasteful spending should be justifiably outraged that our hard earned dollars were seemingly squandered on 9/11!

I want to know why the third major skyscraper to fall in New York City on 9/11 did so at 5:20pm that day without being hit by a plane and experiencing only tiny isolated fires. That collapse defies several inalienable laws of physics and was certainly a controlled demolition. The Securities Exchange Commission, the FBI, The Secret Service and the New York Office of Emergency Management all had huge complexes in that structure. That in and of itself is very suspicious. And if that isn't enough the BBC and CNN both reported it as having collapsed up to one full hour before it actually did! Just how much BS is one supposed to endure?

I want to know why Secret Service protocol was not followed on 9/11 as they allowed the President to subject himself and the elementary school he was visiting to imminent danger. They knew the country was under attack and still they let him read to children for quite some time. This needs an explanation. Once again there are rules that must be followed and they were not. Where is the accountability?

I could dwell on the questions for an entire day for they are quite numerous. I ask that you allow me to sum up the purpose of this letter.

The truth is not a nebulous matrix of associated innuendo. The truth is the truth. The truth will not fade away or allow itself to be watered down over time. It is more akin to stone for it will be there till the Earth ceases to exist. Therefore the sooner it is exposed the less of a chance there is to trip over it.

The Janesville Gazette owes something precious to its dedicated readers and that is not turning a blind eye to the patently obvious. The Janesville Gazette is a full fledged member of the American free press charged with keeping our beloved nation in balance. I fear that by not looking into the disturbing questions of 9/11 that balance is in jeopardy.

I for one am willing to help anyone at any time to sort this all out. I will speak to groups for free and answer as many questions as you may have. I will debate anyone willing to defend the official account of what happened on 9/11/01.

I want peace. I want justice. I want freedom.



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