Sunday, May 20, 2007

Raping the Country Not Enough-Gotta Go For Minors?

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Most people are aware that the Republican Party, the GOP, the Conservatives, the Compassionate Conservatives, Reaganites, Bushies or whatever they want to call themselves today seem to have a lot of legal problems lately, lots of resignations, convictions, lawyering-up for future charges, and that, additionally, the party was severely damaged by revelations that Mark Foley, a representative of Florida, had been attempting to engage minor congressional pages in sexual congress instead of the legislative body. This scandal undoubtedly cost the party votes.

As Ronnie Raygun would have said, "Well, there they go again," after reading of such things, especially regarding the latest alleged child rapist and pedophile Republican who formerly served in the South Dakota State Legislature.

From the Argus Leader Media:
Former Republican Rep. Ted Klaudt could spend the rest of his life in prison after turning himself in to authorities Friday on felony charges that include eight counts of rape involving foster children and former legislative pages.…Five girls told authorities they were assaulted by Klaudt, court documents state, although charges filed Friday involve only two of the girls.…Four of the girls said they were accosted in Klaudt's hotel room in Pierre, where he stayed while serving in the South Dakota Legislature. Two of the girls were legislative pages when they were attacked, they told investigators.…He's accused of performing "ovary checks" and "breast exams" under the guise that he was helping young women donate their reproductive eggs, according to court records.
I am aware that child molesters come in every sex, race, nationality, and political persuasion, so I am not alleging in any way that this is an exclusively Republican problem.

I will say though, that of all the despicable people in the world, pedophiles are the worst in my mind. There may or may not be justification to kill a human being, but to my mind there is never any reason to molest a child, period.

If I had my way, every single convicted pedophile that had exhausted his/her appeals would be put to death and removed from the gene pool. Without exception.



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