Thursday, May 03, 2007

Times List of Top 100 Most Influential Excludes bush

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At last some segments of the MSM are beginning to realize that bush is a hollow suit and not the bearer of the Holy Grail.

See Times Magazines "The Times Top 100", a list that within my memory has always included the U.S. President of the day, as the list is of "the 100 most influential people."

President bush did not make the cut. Which is wholly appropriate as he is descending rapidly into the obscurity he so well deserves.

The complete list may be found here. From just the "Leaders and Revolutionaries" list:
Leaders & Revolutionaries

King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia
Peter Akinola, archbishiop, Nigeria
Mohamed Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, president, Sudan
Osama bin Laden
Michael Bloomberg, mayor, New York City
Raul Castro, acting president, Cuba
Hillary Clinton, U.S. senator from New York
Queen Elizabeth II, United Kingdom
Sonia Gandhi, chair, Indian National Congress Party
Hu Jintao, president, China
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader, Iran
Liu Qi, chief, Beijing Olympic Committee
Tzipi Livni, foreign minister, Israel
Angela Merkel, chancellor, Germany
Barack Obama, U.S. senator from Illinois
Nancy Pelosi, speaker, U.S. House of Representatives
David Petraeus, commanding general, U.S. Army
Pope Benedict XVI
Condoleezza Rice, U.S. secretary of state
John Roberts, Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor, California
Isn't is amazing that the three biggest threats to peace, Prez GWB, P.M.Tony Blair, and Israeli P.M. Olmert didn't make the list? I think it's a wonderful development that these war/fearmongers couldn't cut it, I hope this trend continues, and that it leads to greater diplomacy in the world and less war.

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