Saturday, June 16, 2007


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Chris in Paris at AMERICAblog reports that the FDA just isn't Petsmart. [Addendum from The Sailor:
The FDA found no trace of the medication in five samples of one type of cat and two dog foods it tested in the past week, said spokesman Mike Herndon.

"At this point, FDA sees no compelling need to analyze any more samples for acetaminophen," he said.
This isn't even bad science, it's no science! One cat food and two dog food samples among hundreds of brands does not a scientific sample make. Jeebus, they didn't even test enough to feed WTF??'s menagerie for a day!]

And speaking of WTF??, they catch Afghanistan awarding the US State Department another degree in BS.

Talkleft celebrates their 5th blogiversary! (y, wkjmctp!*) Jeralyn will always have a soft spot in our hearts for her support during The Vidiot's Case of the Skull and Sawbones.

(* Yes, we know Jeralyn Merrit coined that phrase!)

Cookie Jill at skippy's most excellent thought and music emporium finds that republicans in california have to import their hatchet men from outside the US. And here I thought that after Gitmo and Abu Ghraib there weren't any jobs Americans wouldn't stoop to.

TBogg has a Clarenceification of cruel & unusual punishment.

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