Monday, June 11, 2007

Republican Grand Obstructionist Party-Bricks in the Wall and in the Way

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Anyone still wondering why the 109th Congress, with a rethuglican majority, was labeled the "most do-nothing congress in American history" has only to watch C-Span 2 everyday to understand. I think it should be required viewing for every voter for this simple reason: If you want to know why our legislation is so bad (think USA Patriot Act and the Military Commission Act for starters, then work your way backwards) you need to watch our legislators in action and get up to speed on recent history.

If you followed the sycophantic rethuglican party when they controlled the House and Senate you already know that the rethugs maintained an iron grip over the legislative process by refusing to allow amendments to be filed by democrats, refusing to bring to a vote anything important to dems unless they had already counted votes and knew they would win, and they used every procedural trick in the book to stymie any efforts by dems to introduce legislation that was of genuine benefit to the country.

That's precisely why we now have the draconian bankruptcy law, the above mention "terrorism" acts, a screwed-up Medicare Plan B, and why there were fewer bills proposed and passed than ever before. I guess they were too busy rubberstamping anything bush/cheney desired, no matter how detrimental to the country or their constituents.

This brief history lesson should be required teaching in schools and every voter should educate themselves so that we stop electing politicians with the personality of a brick, and certainly no more intelligent than a brick, to congress.

There have been several speakers today, with Democratic Senators each presenting their viewpoints in a cohesive, easy to understand manner, only to be followed each time by rethuglican speakers so obviously intent on obstructing anything/everything pursuant to the orders of their uber-boss, Grover Norquist, who recently advised all rethug legislators to "take up dancing, read a novel, we have two years of saying 'no' to do. Nothing good comes out of this congress. Nothing."

Well, I'm "sick up and fed", as Cheech would say, with watching rethug after rethug b*tch, p*ss, and moan more than a kid away to camp for the first time who lost his backpack, so I'm gonna name them and do my best to relay their comments accurately, though perhaps paraphrased. And I'm not saying we dems don't have some real losers as well, but nowhere near the sheer numbers of rethuglican sycophants.

F'rinstance, Orrin Hatch, bare face hanging out, is accusing dems of sponsoring the resolution for a vote of no confidence of Abu Gonzales, calling it a "bit of absurd theater," while utterly disregarding the copious evidence that Gonzales and cohorts misused and abused the Department of Justice, turning it into a political enforcement arm of the bush maladministration.

Now Arlen Specter is once again proving that he is "all show, no go" when it comes to standing up for "the rule of law." After weeks of criticizing Gonzales and hinting that Gonzales should resign rather than face the "no confidence vote," Specter, true to form, is again making it plain that he will vote against the resolution despite his "tough" words that he has "no confidence" in Gonzales. Brave man, eh? Stand up, fight, crumble on command, and vote like the good little automatons that the Grand Obstructionist Party has become.

Kit Bond preceded both and took ten minutes of time to play cheerleader for bush, declare the "surge" a success, and blame the MSM for not getting out the word of how wonderfully things are going in Iraq. He "cited" an email he had allegedly received that related a couple of positive contacts with insurgents, but the language he read from this supposed email (from an unidentified solider) sounded like a word-for-word repetition of the same lies rethugs always tell on the Senate floor.

If I had a single wish, just one, it would be to have a TV news network that did nothing but record the floor speeches of the Republicans and broadcast them repeatedly, without comment as none would be needed, until every American has had the opportunity to see just how sycophantic these people are to their Fearful Leader, and how they are managing to again prevent anything from getting done, in the Senate especially. That alone would be the death of a political party that deserves to die an ignominious death (it would probably be death-by-embarrassment).

They have their orders from Grover Norquist, they are following them like the good little robots they are, it all operates to the detriment of America, and I would bet hard money that if the Republican constituency, their voters, could listen to the utterly asinine and wildly untrue or completely uninformed floor speeches of their GOP representatives, the voters would be so filled with disgust as to never vote rethuglican again.

We must do this, fellow bloggers, as the current situation in America is untenable and the Democratic Party is receiving the brunt of undeserved criticism from the actions of obstructionist, pugnacious, unthinking, uncaring, party-before-country-or-the-citizens-of-America, self-serving, arrogant a$$h0les that populate the GOP in congress.

It's time to stop looking at and criticizing the wall and to start identifying the individual bricks that are too weak, too gutless, too entrenched, too enamored with themselves, and/or too obstructionist to serve their constituency.

Once identified it's time to scream the names from rooftops and name them in every print or other media we can.

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