Friday, June 08, 2007

Give Everyone a Paris Hilton Deal

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From the Huffington Post:
Paris Hilton's release from jail may be short lived. Hours after she was sent home under house arrest Thursday for an undisclosed medical condition, the judge who put her in jail for violating her reckless-driving probation ordered her into court to decide if she should go back behind bars.…"It is the city attorney's position that the decision on whether or not Ms. Hilton should be released early and placed on electronic monitoring should be made by Judge Sauer and not the Sheriff's Department," said Jeffrey Isaacs of the city attorney's office.…Sauer himself had expressed his unhappiness with Hilton's release before Delgadillo asked him to return her to court. When he sentenced Hilton to jail last month, he ruled specifically that she could not serve her sentence at home under electronic monitoring.…Delgadillo's office indicated that it would argue that the Sheriff's Department violated Sauer's May 4 sentencing order.…Loyola University law professor Laurie Levenson said that she suspected the deal for Hilton's early release was in the works even before she entered the jail system _ and that officials probably were anxious to get her out of their custody.…"The time and resources needed to take care of a Paris Hilton are huge," she said. "They have to make sure she is safe and her medical needs are attended to. Everything they did was going to be looked at under a microscope."
So a judge's sentencing order was violated by a sheriff that was more concerned with the cost of Paris' incarceration than in following the lawful orders of a court. This is a very specific violation of a glaringly clear court order that Paris could NOT do her time at home. Somebody needs a contempt citation with a steep fine and jail time as the consequence for this or otherwise the world once again sees "American Justice", now an oxymoron, for what it is: a system geared to servicing the rich, penalizing the poor, torturing terror suspects instead of having fair trials, and other branches of government overriding the orders of a "court of law."

And people still delude themselves into thinking that justice is blind and simply prosecutes those accused of a crime fairly and without regard to their social status, wealth, poverty, or any other factor that might later be used to aggravate or mitigate the sentence handed down after a conviction. Such as any allegations as to the need for medical care that could not be handled by a jail.

R-i-i-i-g-g-h-h-t. Liberty for some, corrupted justice for others, I guess it all depends how much money a person has, right? Anyone sufficiently rich can find a physician who will certify whatever his patient desires, including previously unknown illnesses exhibiting no symptoms or calling for special care during or prior to incarceration, only after.

What a joke justice "by and for the rich" has become.

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